Saturday, March 28, 2015

Some digital paintings that I made :D

                                                                 Boogle Jammers!

Today I am gonna introduce you to some of my digital arts,which I drew in Window's paint.
You can see them in my instagram too. You can find me in instagram as @Politekoala_AJ.
                                                         So here's the first pic:

                                            THIS PICTURE IS NOT FOR COPYING 
                                             PLEASE DO NOT COPY I BEG YOU :(

     So this is a digital Polar bear.As you can see it is wearing a yellow worn,long black collar and a short black wrist.Well if anybody wants this in instagram,just comment below this pic in instagram that you want it.One more thing I take art requests in instagram,if you want me to draw your animal just DM ( direct message) me a pic of your animal.It would be very nice of you to DM me a pic of your animal to draw. 
                                                      So here's the second pic:


                                                PLEASE DO NOT COPY I BEG YOU :(
I drew this digital arctic wolf for my dear sister @Sweetpanda_AJ, as a surprise present.At first I thought she would hate it since this is my first digital art.It took me 2 hours 30 minutes to draw this.I have put glaces in some areas, can you see them? alright so this much for today.I have other digital arts too I''ll post them some other day. Don't forget to follow me in instagram and don't hesitate to DM me a pic of your animal to draw.Stay happy!''
                                                                   Bye Boogies!''




Friday, January 9, 2015

How to make your painting attractive2

Boogle Jammers!"
PART 1: About the painting
Hey everyone I have brought out part 2 of How to make your painting attractive with 6 parts.First of all give a heading to your painting and use different colors in your painting to make people's eyes see lots of colors.Second of all use colors that gleam like this
color     color not the background only the writing color,to make the people's eyes look the gleaming color.Third of all make your painting more better,I mean paintings are only drawing, so if you add a quote or a few lines to it  people will read it and they will like it better. You can also use bubble-chats beside your characters. 
PART 2: About the background
In a painting your background should be good,you have to color it or shade it or etc it then it should be neat and clean coloring.If you use formal or informal design in your painting then you have to use at least 4 or 5 colors.If you use patterns in your background then you have to take care, its best if you repeat one pattern all over the painting. Here is an example of a painting,look at those paw prints they are used all over the paintings.
 PART 3: Image or hand drawing
Usually in paintings everybody draws with hand but if you print something and paste it in a paper it will not look bad.Suppose your making a card for your friend so you can cut your friends photo from a picture then paste it in your card, it will also not look bad.You can cut characters from magazines, books, pictures etc and paste it and you can also print stuff and paste it.
                                                      PART 4: Water or pastel or crayon color
There are many types of colors like crayon, watercolor, pastel color, pencil color etc. You should color your painting neatly do not keep your hands on the painting it will get dirty.If you use water color then you have to border the lines of your characters again so that people can see the lines.If you use pastel you have to be careful with your painting as I said do not keep your hands on the painting.Its best if you use lots of colors in your painting.You can also shade with pastel crayon etc, if you shade you need lots of color, you need to measure the color combination.
                                                        PART 5: Border of your painting
You will have to give a border in your painting. You can draw little characters or patterns in your border. People usually colors the border but you can use lases instead of coloring it will make your painting more attractive.You can use gleaming colors in the border to catch people's eyes.
                                                               PART 6: Final touch
Finally you can hang or gift your painting to someone. If you want your painting to be safe from harm you can laminate it. you can use tape and hang your painting in your rooms door specially, when your heading is welcome to ..... room or personal room do not enter. Bye boogies and best of luck making your painting!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

How to make your painting attractive

Boogle Jammers!
As we already know that how to make our hand paintings look attractive, so we might also know how to make our computer paintings attractive. Drawing with pencil in the computer paint is very tough sometimes ,although drawing something with shapes takes us allot of time.To make the painting better we might use images take snip tool and paste, or copy and paste, we might use the shapes too. Me and my sister
Sweetpanda together made this cat picture in the computer taking like 12 minutes or 9 minutes.

Well it is not very nice but giving you an example this is good. I have another one like this but different, this one is not covered with the paws fully which one is better do you think?

This much is for now. Try to do your best making a computer art with the help of images.
Bye Boogies!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Surprise videos

Boogle Jammers!
To be an artist of a movie first you should know how to send some one a surprise video. You have to chose a background like horror background or your choice then you have to chose what for like Halloween or birthday.You can give music if you like. You can send it by gmail,email etc. Here is an example of it .

How was it ? Its background is horror and the caption is happy birthday. I didn't give music though it is nice.
You can make it easily of your own,if you wish you can take some from google but if you make it would be better.Bye boogies.Thanks.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Boogle jammers! 
Those who visited The Cat Blog if you like the blog you can be an author of the blog just do the question given on The Cat Blog.We have given easy tusks to you like mail us your cat/s picture, mail us your cats video and lots more to do. So please if you want to be an author of the blog please go to

I know you all guys are sad because Kinyonga is going.You can meet her back on The Cat Blog.She will be posting there about her cats.Are you happy yet?
This is a picture of my cat Mimi. Is it nice?

I didn't colour it but still I think it is nice.5 Simple way to draw the cat:
How to draw this:
Step 1 Make the shape of the cat 
Step 2 Draw the collar in the cats neck
Step 3 Make eyes,nose and mouth
Step 4 Make the pattern of the cat 
Step 5 Colour the picture of the cat 
Did you find these easy?  if yes try this at home.
Bye for now Boogies

Friday, January 31, 2014

Wanna see my cats

Boogle Jammers!
Hi there jammers, today I got some photos of our cats.


Name: Mimi 
Gender: female
Look: Her skin is orange, brown and speckles of  black. Her eyes are lime. 
Behavior: Playful & brave.
Favorite: food-bread, toy-ball and sliding on potatoes and cat-Huldorex.
Type: A wild-street cat.
Relationships: Mom-Snowlily, Friends-Huldorex and Tommy.


Name: Snowlily
Gender: Female
Look: Her skin is brown and gray. Her eyes are green.
Behavior: Caring and strong.
Favorite: food-shrimp, cat-Mimi, Huldorex and Tommy.
Type: A wild-street cat.
Relationships: Daughter: Mimi, Friends-Huldorex, Bubbles and Tommy.


Name: Huldorex
Gender: Male
Look: His skin is grey, light brown and orange. He is fat. His eyes are green.
Behavior: Bossy, strong, fearless and brave.
Favorite: food-chicken bones, cat-Mimi, Snowlily and Tommy.
Type: A wild-street cat.
Relationships: Friends-Mimi, Snowlily, Tommy and Bubbles.


Name: Tommy
Gender: Male
 Look: His skin is white with black spots.
Behavior: Polite and quiet.
Favorite: food-fish bones, cat-Huldorex and Bubbles.
Type: A street cat.
Relationships: Friends-Bubbles, Huldorex, Snowlily and Mimi.


Name: Bubbles
Gender: Male
Look: His skin is black and white.
Behavior: Scared, shy, quiet
Favorite: Food-fish Cats-Tommy, Huldorex, Snowlily, Mimi
Type: A wild-street cat
Relationships :Friends-Tommy, Huldorex, Snowlily, Mimi

Get more Cat Facts at:

Click the picture to visit.

You can also join the Cat Community! 
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1. Animal Jam and Blogger username. (If you don't play AJ then only blogger username is fine.)
2. Name of your cat/s. (Remember, they HAVE to be YOUR cats, don't just take someone else's cat and write about them.)
3. A small description of your cat/s. Be sure to include the name, gender, look, behavior and favorites (you can also include other stuff). Your description should be in 3-8 lines. 
4. Include a clear photo of your cat/s. 
5. A small paragraph about Cat Tricks and Tips (5-10 lines). Tips and Tricks could be anything like what food they would like, naming a cat, training a cat etc.
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Good luck! 
Bye boogles! 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cute Cats

Boogle Jammers
Here is a cute picture of  some cats is it cute they look like my cats.
Credit to Google images.

And here is a cute cat drawn by my sis isn't it cute
By Sweetpanda56789

Its drawn in the paint ,this is my cartoon cat Mimi , it looks almost  like her
 Bye for now

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